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Edible Gardening

Gardening with a Purpose

Over the past few years, gardening with a purpose - growing food - has been an increasingly growing trend. And since First Lady Michelle Obama planted a vegetable garden on the White House grounds, the trend seems to be growing even more rapidly.

Vegetables - herbs - fruits - what are you growing for you and your family?

And don't forget herbs! Easy to grow, fun to use. Lots more about growing and using herbs here.  

We had some fun with new recipes using herbs and/or vegetables for our Thursday Evening in the Garden programs. Look at this page.

Want to grow your own garlic? See info here.

Helpful Links

Today, growing edibles need not be relegated to a plot in the backyard. People are planting vegetables among their flowers and shrubs. They're planting blueberry bushes instead of shrubs. They're tearing up their lawn and planting vegetables and herbs.  Here are a couple of interesting and helpful websites about this: